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Arranging Courses

  • 24-bit WAV Audio

    Studio grade recording. Use in any sequencer of your choosing. Mac and Windows compatible.

  • Instructions Included

    Easy to follow build instructions help you create the arrangement. No experience necessary.

  • Build Your Own

    The construction kit audio is licensed for use in your own compositions

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Construction Kits Included

The Arranging Techno course includes the following complete kits: 

Construction Kit: Chateau de Witt (128 BPM Acid Techno track)

Construction Kit: VNECK (124 BPM Hard Techno track)

The construction kits contain WAV files which are looping correctly and a PDF instruction document. Import these audio files into your sequencer and arrange according to the instructions, or make up your own arrangement. Suggestions are also included for adding automation and tips on where to start with the mix.  

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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction

    • How can I write better music?

  • 02

    Techno Analysis

    • Know Where You Are Going

    • Shoulders of Giants

  • 03

    Methods of Arranging

    • Introduction (1 min)

    • Creating an Overview (3 min)

    • Formats (8 min)

  • 04

    Visual Scores

    • Visual Scores

    • Download PDF - Hard Techno Visual Scores

  • 05

    Writing Method One

  • 06

    Writing Method Two

    • Method Two (11 min)

  • 07

    Arranging Exercise - Acid Techno "Chateau De Watt"

    • Arranging - Chateau De Watt

    • Construction Kit - Chateau De Watt

    • Build Instruction - Chateau De Watt

  • 08

    Arranging Exercise: Hard Techno "VNECK"

  • 09

    In-Depth: Reverse Engineering Techno

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Conclusion

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